Farm History

Henry & Eliza Seymour ( Ballymore Castle, Galway, IRE)

Henry his wife and sons all departed Ireland: Robert, Thomas, Henry, settled in South Australia . While Charles & James settled in Whangara NZ.

1841 Port Adelaide arrival on SS Siam

Robert’s kin: Henry (Harry) and Marion. Thomas Drought Seymour’ kin: Henry, Charles,Thomas and Mary (Killanoola)

Surviving her brothers, Henry (1868-1950), Charles (1870-1946), Thomas ( 1871-1961). Mary passed the ownership of the out station, South Killanoola to her cousin Grace Seymour who had resided there with her husband Hubert before retiring to Melbourne. The main property Killanoola, was auctioned off and some set aside as the Mary Seymour Reserve.

  • Hubert & Grace Seymour (South Killanoola)

  • Conway & Noel Seymour (South Killanoola)

  • Robert & Carol Seymour (South Killanoola & Yat Nat 1965)

  • Digby & Ann Seymour (South Killanoola 2009)

Early 1900’s

Information sourced through Geelong Grammar School

Born 16 Mar 1870. Second son of Thomas Drought Seymour, Maopape, Penola, South Australia, and grandson of Harry Seymour, the founder of Killanoola station, who had arrived at Port Adelaide on 25 April1841. Thomas D Seymour married Mary Jane Lemon and they had five children: Elizabeth, born 1865;

Henry Conway, born 13 Feb 1867 (GGS 1884-);

Mary; Charles Randolph, born 1870; and Thomas George, born 19 Mar 1871 (GGS 1884-). Charles was educated at home and was admitted as a boarder to GGS on 16 Feb 1884. He won prizes for

Divinity and English in 1884, leaving school at the end of the year. In 1892 he was at Killanoola, his father’s property, and later served in the Anglo-Boer War. In 1903 he was still in South Africa and in 1904 was in Alberta, Canada. He then went to England and returned in 1907. He served in the 1st AIF and then went to Walkerville, South Australia, to live with his sister, Mary for two years. He died 15 Aug 1946 at  Adelaide.


Station Manager. Born 13 Feb 1867 at Mount Benson.

Eldest son of Thomas Drought Seymour. Brother of

Charles Randolph Seymour (GGS 1884-); and Thomas

George Seymour (GGS 1884-). He was educated at home and was admitted as a boarder to GGS on 16 Feb 1884. At school he won prizes in 1884 for English; 1885 for Divinity and English, in 1887 for English, in 1888 for English, Algebra and Gymnastics and in 1890 for Elocution and Gymnastics. In 1890 he was the School Champion Gymnast and left school returning to his father’s station.

When Thomas D Seymour died in 1897, Henry took over the management of the property and remained in active control until his retirement in 1943. His obituary noted:

In his youth he was an excellent horseman in an age of good horsemanship, and although he took no active interest in racing, was a keen student of form and breeding. He took no part in public affairs, but his purse was always open to a worthy cause. The keynote of his character was his transparent honesty.

On his retirement, Henry went to live with his sister, Mary, at Walkerville, South Australia. He died 20 Dec 1950 at Adelaide.

The Corian Dec 1951, p207-08.


Farmer. Born 19 March 1871. Brother of Charles

Randolph Seymour (GGS 1884-85) and Henry

Conway Seymour (GGS 1884-85). He attended the junior school and was admitted as a boarder to GGS on 16 Feb 1884. In 1905 he was living at Killanoola

Station, Naracoorte, South Australia. Later he went to New Zealand where he bought land which was sold in the 1940s. He returned to Australia to live with his sister, Mary, at Walkerville, South Australia, and was alive in 1951.

Retired Staff


"Snow" Brown

Conway Seymour away on active service


Roy Keatley

Head Stockman Vern Brumby 1959-61 George Gilchrist ( Red Bank ),


Bill & Marg Murray

Overseer 1970, Resided at Cottage Manager 1978, Resided at Homestead (13 years)


Guy & Jill Redway

Manager, Resided at Homestead


Les & Robyn Bradbrook

Overseer , living in Cottage 1988-1992 Manager, Resided at Homestead


Nathan & Tania Hahn



Hugh & Dimity Savage



Long Serving Staff

Ben Franklin

General Duties, Resided at Red Bank

18/04/1956 till

18/04/1956 till

"Cowboy" (milk cows, kill sheep, vegetable garden, horses ) David McPartlan Preston Whylie


Overseers, stationhands and jackeroos

RHCS 1961-77

Bobbie Netler , Bill Austen , Geoff Burston , Ian Revell , Peter Nairne , David Cameron , Alex Seccerier


SK Staff


Jackeroo's (many resided at Greenbank) Andy McKay

12 Nos.


15 Nos.

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